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( Miscellany )

Mercer Hotel | Black Book, Sutton Place Park,

Sutton Place Park

Effingham B. Sutton (1817–1891), a shipping merchant and entrepreneur, was one of the few prospectors who succeeded in building a fortune during the California Gold Rush of 1849.

( Art )

Mercer Hotel | Black Book, Templon Gallery

Templon Gallery

TEMPLON is proud to announce the opening of a new space in New York City. The gallery will open to the public in September 2022, in the art district of Chelsea.

( Art )

Mercer Hotel | David Zwirner, art, sculptural

David Zwirner

David Zwirner is a leading contemporary art gallery with locations in New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong, representing over sixty artists and estates.

( Art )

Mercer Hotel | Mnuchin Gallery, art, painting

Mnuchin Gallery

Mnuchin Gallery is located in the historic five-story townhouse at 45 East 78th Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is dedicated to presenting museum-quality exhibitions of postwar and contemporary art.

( Art )

Mercer Hotel | Lehmann Maupin, art, installation

Lehmann Maupin

Rachel Lehmann and David Maupin founded Lehmann Maupin in 1996. The gallery represents a diverse range of American artists, as well as artists and estates from across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

( Art )

Mercer Hotel | Lisson Gallery, art, featured

Lisson Gallery

Lisson Gallery is one of the most influential and longest-running international contemporary art galleries in the world.

( Art )

Mercer Hotel | Nara Roesler, art, featured

Nara Roesler

Nara Roesler is a leading Brazilian contemporary art gallery, representing seminal Brazilian and international artists who emerged in the 1950s as well as preeminent mid-career and emerging artists who dialogue with the currents put forth by these historical figures.

( Food )

Mercer Hotel | Altro Paradiso, outdoor seating

Altro Paradiso

From globally acclaimed chef Ignacio Mattos, Altro Paradiso is an Italian restaurant in the heart of SoHo and an essential New York City dining destination.

( Food )

Mercer Hotel | Estela, chocolate cake


One of the most celebrated restaurants in the United States, Estela is an intimate downtown bistro from chef Ignacio Mattos that can be experienced in many ways, whether it’s a thrilling dinner in the dining room, a leisurely weekend brunch with friends, or a late-night drink at the bustling bar.

( Food )

Mercer Hotel | Sant Ambroeus, seating

Sant Ambroeus

At Sant Ambroeus SoHo, guests will enjoy a contemporary interpretation of traditional Milanese cuisine, as well as its branded hospitality in a chic and vibrant atmosphere.

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